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Date postedDecember 30, 2013
Tagscookie parser, google analytics cookie parser
AuthorMari DeGrazia


Parses Google Analytics cookies from Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari and Firefox. This will read the utma, utmb and utmz values and export them out into a CSV file. 64 Bit version. 32 bit will be released soon.

I have been informed that the locale must be changed to English if you are on say, an Italian system.

Update to v.
Can handle up to FireFox v.21
Misc. Bug Fixes

Update to v 12/30/2013
Added the ability to parse carved files for Internet Explorer. Files must be carved in another program such as Scalpel. See my blog post at for more information.

3 thoughts on “Downloads

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    • Hmmm… I suppose I should get on that. I am in need of a 32 bit system to do some testing on. I will make an effort to have it done over the holidays before the first of the year.

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